Warm Ears Music | Bucharest Launch Party

Calling all drum and bass heads in Bucharest [RO]: we are bringing the Warm Ears sound to the city. We’re planning a night of pure drum and bass vibes, so make sure you mark your calendar for this one.


Good Looking / Mac2

Madcap (Elliot Payne) started DJing in the early 90’s. Son of a Rock N’ Roll Musician Father & Piano teaching Mother, he was exposed to music from a very young age. Being so young was a stumbling block at first, but this changed in the summer of ’95 when securing a job at local record shop Buzz Records, High Wycombe. This was associated with DJ Pulse and the influential Creative Wax label. Meeting with punters and promoters alike, Madcap soon found himself being booked up & down the UK for sets, including the infamous Sanctuary in Milton Keynes.

One particular highlight of his DJing career so far was winning the Movement / Technics DJ Competition in 2002 at The End Night-club, as featured in DJ Magazine, this resulted in several bookings for Movement at London’s Bar Rumba & across the Capital. Other notable features on Madcap is his appearance in The West Country’s IDJ Magazine January 2004 after winning “Mix Tape of the Month” The competitions certainly helped and has continued to get him bookings throughout the UK.
Madcap has had several long term residencies in Oxford, London, Aylesbury, Birmingham & High Wycombe.
Over the years Madcap has had the pleasure of being invited for guest slots at events up & down the country including London, Edinburgh, Sheffield, Bristol, Gloucster, Leicester, Birmingham, Oxford & Exmouth to name a few.

Madcap has enjoyed promoting events in local towns Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Maidenhead & London. Booking artists such as Goldie, Randall, Nookie, Break, Doc Scott, D-Bridge etc etc.

Warm Ears Music

Re-Adjust is a UK born producer and DJ, delivering some of the freshest drum and bass tracks. His sound alternates from soft and mellow to rolling and heavy, keeping the listener locked and moving. Knocking off his debut with the ‘Lost Moments’ EP on Warm Ears Music and with ‘Deeper Meanings’ recently released, Re-Adjust is one of the most promising young producers entering the scene right now.

Warm Ears Music

Josh Tighe, known as September, is one of our dearest producers and DJs. He traveled through his drum and bass journey alongside Re-Adjust, pushing each other for the better, exploring various producing techniques and styles and collaborating. The result? September released his first E.P. with us – Straight Bass. A beautiful piece of work that received a lot of praise from people across the industry.

September’s passion for drum and bass lit up when he was only 14 years old, digging through his older brother’s vinyls. He went behind the decks for the first time in 2006 at a festival in Shoreham. Naming a few DJs and producers who have inspired him, he noted Break, Hazard, Spectrasoul, Alix Perez, Skeptical and Calibre. Check out his interview here: https://warmearsmusic.wordpress.com/2017/06/09/wem-mini-series-september-about-why-he-chose-warm-ears-sound-design-and-the-scene/

Bassdrive / FreenetikKru

Elementrix otherwise known as Gabriel Cernea has dedicated more than a decade to his musical career. He entered the Drum and Bass landscape at a very hectic time – the Romanian scene had just opened its appetite for the genre. After a string of appearances at a national level, Elementrix started DJing in several European countries, including Spain (“All Junglists Festival” – Barcelona), Czech Republic (“Double Trouble”- Prague), England or Serbia, and has been sharing the line-up with pivotal artists from the industry, such as DJ Marky, Technimatic, B-Complex, Logistics, Nu:Tone, Submorphics,Bcee, GLXY, Bryan Gee, DLR, Chris.Su, Zero T, Calculon, Trei or Dave Owen.

Moving to London more than 2 years ago, Elementrix was quick to establish himself within the UK dnb scene and not long after that, he started his own record label. The launch of Warm Ears has been turning heads, getting a jump-start with several releases and events. In 2016, Elementrix’s guest-mixes started rolling on the waves of several radios, including Rude FM and Bassport FM.
Currently, he is teaching DJ classes at a London-based studio, he hosts his Sunday show on Bassdrive.com and he’s working towards developing the skills to take his sound further.

D.E.D [UK]
Warm Ears Music

D.E.D aka Darren Dedman caught the drum and bass fever back in 1997, wearing out his LTJ Bukem – Logical Progression tape or wholeheartedly playing his first drum and bass record – Omni Trio – Skeleton Keys [Moving Shadow] – for the first time. He started playing around with Traktor, Virtual DJ and Technics, about 10 years ago. Following influential DJs and producers, such as Break, S.P.Y, Total Science, Zero T, SCAR, Silent Witness, Dom & Roland, Digital & Spirit, DLR, Command Strange, Satl, Spectrasoul, Bungle, Calibre or Blu Mar Ten, D.E.D laid the foundation of his own sound, deep liquid and dark rolling breaks.

In 2014, he created the Fat Badger Podcast, alongside PD and R1C0, a channel where they could play their music and as well host various guest drum and bass DJs. He joined the Warm Ears Music family a year ago, about the time he started hosting his own show on RudeFM.
D.E.D is a British Drum & Bass DJ that has been addicted to DnB for almost 20 years. After playing pretty much every type of DnB he a now focussed on deep liquid & dark rolling breaks. You can check out his interview here:https://warmearsmusic.wordpress.com/2017/05/05/wem-mini-series-d-e-d-talks-then-now-and-prospective/

Hangout Music

Willing to express himself thru music, Slimy has made a consistent background in the drum&bass scene for the last 5 years.
It all started with a residency at a local club alongside Brusten after which he was the host for 2 seasons of live streaming shows under Hangout Music’s umbrella.

While hosting events and live streaming sessions, Slimy also was featured on some shows and did some guest mixes for Vykhod Sily Podcast,Bassport.fm, Bassdrive, Freenetik Party and Full Diagnosis.

He was always a powerful presence at parties, sharing the stage till now with: Cern, L 33, Emperor, Transparent, Dlr, Mistabishi, Optical, Incident, Camo & Krooked and fellow Romanians: Dudawless, Brusten, Fane, Tremour, Beepo, Low Freq, Dyl, Inflex, Mighty Boogie, Phobe1, Dumbo, Elarith, Beepo, Mental Chemistry and many more.

Not a stranger to Romanian festivals, Slimy has performed at Street Delivery, Electric Castle, Airfield Festival, Electric Playground.
After 2 years of activity he founded Hangout Music, the first Romanian drum&bass label which he supported and managed continuously.

He prefers the dark, funky, technical, rolling sound from techstep/halfstep but depending on the vibe, he can also provide atmospheric and deep music like autonomic/future bass.
He likes to try out new music at events but never forgets to also drop some classics, always looking for dancing vibes that bring good vibes.

All these make out of Slimy an artist with a great vision on the drum&bass culture, his passion and devotion taking form of a release alongside Brusten on the Clear Conceptions label.
Visionary and with remarkable potential, Slimy represents freshness in Romania’s drum&bass scene.

Doors open: 10PM

Warm Ears Music [UK] is how we envisioned our craving for drum and bass, our itch to bring quality sound to people and our urge to contribute to the scene which has shaped so many of us.

Our game plan has 3 major focuses:

1. Bringing rising DJs upfront. We understand the scramble you’re dealing with, newcomers! Embracing the idea that there is so much good music out there that might not get a chance to be raved to properly, we want to be an active player in bringing it closer to the ears.

2. Putting together events for people who still go to parties for the sake of music. We all know that with drum and bass it’s ‘you either feel it and love it, or you don’t’, and we feel we have to give something back to those who do.

3. Offering our on-going support to the drum and bass scene. Quoting Kasra, it’s safe to say that ‘drum & bass still feels like the bastard child of dance music and the underground side never gets the respect it deserves’, which is exactly why we are going over and beyond to promoting the energy and soulfulness of liquid, as well as the biting basslines of dark.