Sethryus arived on planet earth in the country Romania, in Sibiu. Music is everything for him. His passion for psychedelic music is hes jorney in this magic world. After discovering Goa Music at the first party he played, he knew that this will be his way. He combines old-school Goa with new-school Goa and creates a astonishing story between all the listeners. Beside his passion for Djing, he also loves to create music as: Goa, Darkpsy, Forest, Drum & Bass and many other beats. He founded the Cronomonium Crew with his best friends, whom got a big jump in psychedelic world couse of their motivation of growing the quality of making partyes. Beside Goa he enjoys Forest, Darkpsy, Psybient, Tek and drum & bass. Till now he played at events like: Psychedelirium, Phantasmagoric, Welcome to Goa, Psylocibin, Cyber Space, We are One, and Psychoteknix, but he is motivated to play at many more events from now on.
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