Romanian artist Emilian(aka HaR0) was born in 1990 and growed up in Bucharest, he started as a DJ at the age of 16. He took his first step by playing in privat party's, but later he got into the world of clubbing around 2008. Since 2012 he is actively producing his own minimal/microhouse/experimental tracks. In summer of 2014 he made a musical revolution in Tunisia as well by playing at 13 places with a lot of public influence. Now he live in Bucharest concentrating on live gigs and track production. Since 2006, discovering Underground Music World, he improved his style in a unique combination of experimental techno style mixed in a natural environment that can transmit positive energy for a really long dancing time. He played to a lot of party's, most of them in private after hour. Enjoying and inspiring from other artists, all the time he loves to come back with new ideas. Few last GIG's: 2007 @ Pool Party Villa, Cernica 2007 @ NYE, Home Party 2008 @ Silver Club Bucharest 2009 @ Private Villa Party, Snagov 2010 @ Private Friend's House 2012 @ Old Center, Bucharest 2013 @ Playground (warm-up after hour) 2014 @ Mansarda, Bucharest 2014 @ 1st March at Plantelor House, Bucharest 2014 @ Hidden Movement, Brasov 2014 @ Hotel Miramar, Monastair, Tunisia 2014 @ Boca Beach, Sousse, Tunisia 2014 @ Private party, Sousse, Tunisia 2014 @ Private 1st December Afterhour, Bucharest 2015 @ 1st January NYE at Plantelor, Bucharest 2017 @ Privat home party 2018 @ NYE Villa Party 2018 @ Privat house 2018 @ Pur & Simplu with Metafore, Raltz, Vlad Custura at. Bunker91, Bucharest More to come..
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