Marinov is a Romanian DJ, from Bușteni, and based in Bucharest. His relationship with music become serious when, in April 2012, he joined the Republika Verde online radio station. This project gathers together volunteers that are passionate about reggae music and environmental issues. Here, he hosted a weekly radio show, under the name “Bohemian Flow”, each Wednesday. Although being in front of a microphone was second nature, Marinov focused more and more on the musical part of the project, bringing in bands from Bucharest to have live performances in the studios and, most importantly, handling the general playlist of the radio. In 2013, he started a new collaboration with Zonga, an online music streaming app, where he would be able to offer his musical input as the general playlist curator. On the side, his vinyl collection started growing, transforming into an impressive anthology of genres which had to be shared with the world. So, this brought Marinov to the start of his DJ activity, in May 2015. Since then, he has had the opportunity to mix all the right sounds in various locations as One Love Gathering (Vidra), Amural Festival (Brașov), Molotov (Vama Veche), Imagine Festival (Snagov), Inside Bar (Busteni), Electric Castle Festival, The Rooftop (Chișinău) and many others. Currently, Marinov can be heard at, contacted at [email protected] and followed on Facebook.
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