Acnowgious was born in Cugir, his hometown, where he grew up until the age of fourteen when he moved to Sibiu, the city in which he is currently living in. He discovered electronic music around the age of twelve, being very attracted by the most aggressive and high pitched sounds from dubstep and dnb. Later in the year 2015 he discovered the psychedelic music and started to love this genre more and more, after he observed how much energy revolves around this kind of events, he understood that this is totally for him. He founded the Cronomonium Crew and started in the psychedelic world organizing many events in the area of Sibiu and evolved more and more in all that he was doing. In 2017 he started to play music at many more events including Phantasmagoric, Welcome to goa, PsyloCibin, Cyber Space and Solar Seeds in Transilvania Festival. The most organic, psychedelic and dark sounds are combined with melodic and dancing rythms are in his mixes, accelerating all in a unique form of hi-tech and sometimes more than it should, reaching even extraordinary frequencies of psycore. In what concerns the year 2018, music production should be on the first place for him.
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