Fractal Enlightenment | 16/11/2017

Don’t miss Romanian DJ, PLANUL’s first mix on our radio, titled Fractal Enlightenment.

PLANUL is a DJ and artist performing on the stages of major festivals, parties and radio shows of the last eight years, always bringing new sounds and psychedelic views in his Psy, Techno and Dub mixes. The genres that attract him most in this moment are Ethnic, Ambient and Cumbia throught which he designs grounding, trance, lucid dreaming states for the listeners using positive, healing intentions. Dancefloor is for Planul a clean bright environment where his music can guide dancers to deep connection and bliss.
This summer I have played at: Dakini, Waha, Sons Of Gaia, Solar Seeds, Amural (Romanian Festivals). Indoors like Daos, Ring, Inside, Motiv, Kran and somewhere in Stockholm and Samothraki!!!

Giving thanks to artist like Clozee, Kalya Scintilla, Govinda, FunkStatik, Whitebear, Cualli, Psymbionic, Dubvirus, Soulacybin, Symbolico, Mumukshu, Of The Trees, The Digital Connection & ONE4ALL

This mix is called Fractal Enlightenment for a brain dace to remember

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