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REC24 is a Romanian online electronic music platform, which help unify and develop the national scene, both at audience and artist level. This is done on the basis of our social interactions with the music and the musical environment with the audience. Musical culture, supporting each other and exchange of experience, are some of the key factors on which we base, supporting from small and big artists to events and festivals taking place on the Romanian territory.



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From the beginning, we were visited by all sorts of users, from all those who received this community with joy to those with unusual musical talent, eager expression, development, or fun, old members who today are friends because of connections that can be created when common interests coexist. Therefore daily we offer a better experience to bring as many together.

You find about us, gotta check out the site and have access to events and multimedia without having to get registered. However, creating an account can be beneficial for your favorite songs, playlists and following other people, without having to upload music as an artist. Also, if you are an event promoter/organizer , you can ask for publishing your party.

If you are an artist, DJ or producer and want to upload your own production or guestmix, then you can register/login in the form below or you can contact us at section ‘get in touch‘.

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