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❥This is a short story that starts right after The Big Bang and the creation of the Macrocosmos when a speck of newly formed energy had gained consciousness. It had realized immediately what it was. Self-awareness, after all, is the first thing that happens to newly formed entities of energy. Just like human newborns cry when they take air in to the lungs for the first time in their life.
❥As it grew, its curiosity increased altogether. Thus, one day, it asked the Heavens: “How can darkness be joyful, but the light be sad?”
❥From the ether, traveling on a sound wave, two entities appeared.
“Light wrongfully thinks it travels faster than anything else!” Said the void while shadowing it. “Disregarding how fast light travels, darkness already gets there first, waiting for it.”
❥The curiousity driven energy form, thought that this might be a good time to ask another question that was troubling it for quite some time.

❥“How evil can good be and how good can evil be?”

❥Upon hearing this, light and darkness bursted together into a joyful laughter and what we would call a dance.
❥A dance of unity.
❥They swirled until they formed a figure resembling the ancient Egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. Out of its long peak a murmur took shape into meaning. It said:
“Look at the humans! Every human being is a mixture of light and darkness, trust and fear, love and hate. But at their core, they all share one of the most important traits. A will to evolve! Just like you do. You need to treat the bad experiences as good for your evolution.”

❥“For anything to have existence”, our deity continued, “There must be an equilibrium of all things. Without equilibrium, there is no action and reaction. You and the humans share the same fate. As a freeform of energy, you can shapeshift into a positive entity or a negative one anytime you want. This is called free will. You are free to become whatever you may wish. But remember, you must maintain an equilibrium. Tilt the balance in favor of a side for too long, and you may limit your possibilities to fully understand both sides. Play around little speck. Experiment.”

❥Having heard all of this, our little speck of energy figured out what to do next. It was it’s time to choose a form of life to incarnate into and to start living. But what destiny should it pick? How much free will, will it allow itself to have in the upcoming life? Who will its parents and friends be? A leap of faith was required of her. Relying only on an inborn intuition, it found the perfect life circumstance to be born in. Thus, the first psychonaut cried as air entered her lungs. She was alive and well. 23


✿✿✿ ◁ LINE UP ▷ ✿✿✿

▲▼▲▼▲▼▌MAIN STAGE ▐▲▼▲▼▲▼

KanibaL HolokausT
2h Live Set
◁ Belgrade / Serbia ▷

◂ Totum ▸
3h Special birthday Live Set
◁ Berlin / Germany ▷

Live Set
◁ Budapest / Hungary ▷

◂ A-mekka ▸
4h Live Performance
◁ Bucharest / Romania ▷

AUM Hi-tech
Live Set
◁ Brasov / Romania ▷

Special Birthday Set
◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

◂ Psychedac ▸
◁ Bucharest / Romania ▷

◂ Elepsy ▸
◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

◁ Oradea / Romania ▷

◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

◂ Kicsigomba ▸
◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

◂ Skaraoski ▸
◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

◂ Turiya ▸
◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

◂ Zenesis ▸
◁ Sibiu / Romania ▷

◂ Option Zer0 ▸
◁ Timisioara / Romania ▷

◂ Shaman Puppet ▸
◁ Tunisia ▷

◂ Gallyshay ▸
◁ Cluj Napoca / Romania ▷

More TBA!

▲▼▲▼▲▼▌CHILL STAGE ▐ ▲▼▲▼▲▼
◆ By Chilly Team
Budapest / Hungary

► Rivo Thrill ◄
Budapest / Hungary

► Mudassasi ◄
Budapest / Hungary

► Necrotic Hallucinations ◄
Budapest / Hungary

► Nekros ◄
Budapest / Hungary

► Mr. Chillum ◄
Timisoara / Romania

► Psylocibin Salad ◄
Budapest / Hungary

► AlphaKey ◄
Budapest / Hungary

▲▼▲▼▲▼▐ TEKNO STAGE▐ ▲▼▲▼▲▼

◂ SpeedVentura (Centrifug) ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania


◂ Amkteknomode ▸
4h Live performance
Bucuresti / Romania

◂ Neoczeck ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania

◂ Rhytmic Storm ▸
Live performance
Cluj Napoca / Romania

◂ πrana ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania

◂ TekNetium ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania

◂ KZE ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania

◂ Choof SNK ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania

◂ Valium Volume ▸
Cluj Napoca / Romania


☀☀☀ DECO ☀☀☀
☀ Psychonauts Crew ☀ Cluj Napoca / RO
Dharmatronic ☀ Budapest / HU
GoapunxX ☀ Dresden / DE

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