Luna Ritual

Mother Goddess lend me your light
Give me your power on this faithful night
I invoke you into my being and soul
Fill up my vesel and make me feel whole
I stand before you in awe and in love
I cherrish the gifts you send me from above
I ask you tonight to show me unto me
My mother, My Goddess, so mote it be

Line Up:
#Skam – Leipzig, Germany
#Teratom – Basel, Switzerland
Dark Dream Rec/ NTFS / Luminati Rec
#Asiza – Cluj Napoca / Romania
#Boomlin – Cluj Napoca / Romania
#mojo-jojo – Dresden, Germany / Tiefsehfische im Wald
#AUM – Brasov / Romania / Ovni Rec

Tiefsehfische im Wald – Dresden, Germany
Psychonauts – Cluj Napoca, Romania