Dakini Warm-up Timișoara, România

The Tibetan word for dakini means a messenger of wisdom, a sky dancer and a free soul that expresses itself in the vastness of open space to play in.

We invite you to be sky dancers on the first warm-up event in Timisoara.

We have prepared you an exquisite line-up completed by our special guest Goasia that will for sure keep your soul awake throughout the night.
Keep the Goa spirit alive as long as you feel the energy and prepare for the rush of the Goasia sound!


Line-up :

☪ Goasia Live 


☪ Azthura

☪ Option Zer0

☪ Aner Adras

Decorations & Visuals

A Patra Dimensiune & TriFoi Audiovisual

At the location you can purchase tickets at presale price for Dakini Festival 2nd Edition
Dakini Dakini Festival 2nd Edition