Option Zero

I’ve grown up with the music of Jean-Michel Jarre and this inspired me all the way so far. On my 16th birthday I started making music and got hooked, really hooked. That was in the year 2000. At 19 I was DJing (Option Zer0) nonstop and i was getting gigs at rave parties where I usually played goa trance and later, psy trance. I had a project, playing psy-breaks for a couple of years. Since 2005 I was playing in night clubs more seriously, trying to bring the psychedelic sound to club music. In 2007 I released my first album, this was a collection of my favourite tracks I made, and the music was a mixture between downtempo, triphop, acid jazz, breakbeat and trance. I played in many cities and parties, festivals all over Romania and things seemed to get a little stuck. I needed to find something new and exciting. So I started to play instruments like didgeridoo and the jaw harp, trying to bring the psychedelic in a more natural way. Then, followed a period of a few years, focused on fusion psy-chill events with instruments and live impovisation. In 2014-2017 I find myself playing hi-tech. This is what I have been trying to bring to the scene for 10 years now. See you soon !