Afterlife: Core Frequencies

Quantum Zero is a new crew dedicated to promoting mainly hardcore events. We will start the outdoor season alongside Dark Matter Crew and No Sheep, inviting a special guest from Netherlands, K-Teck.
It’s a massive one coming, gonna be hectic!


K-Teck | NL | HKTK Records / Future Sickness / / Battle Audio

CoreCorp aka CC Inc. | CJ | Aya Sound

RNTK | CJ | Aya Sound

Karusso | TM | Snuff

Sp4zm | TM | Dark Matter Crew / QZK

RaZy | TM | Harty Pard TM

Blazin’ 23 | AR | Welcome Bass

Helix | TM | JawBreaker Crew

Visuals by Skarab & Viberanium